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  1. Saskia

    Leopard gecko tattoo

    I picked up this old thread looking for gecko tattoo posts... Anybody still in the forum?? Anyone get to actually do the gecko tats?? I have 2 gecko tattoos myself, one small on my shoulder (which was my first tattoo), and a life size gecko climbing up my ankle into the inner part of my leg...
  2. Saskia

    Senior Leopard Geckos -- 10 years and older

    20 Yeard old leos!! How awesome!! :biggrin: I just love this thread, and I was thinking about updating on Munchies. I haven't been in GU in a while (having my second human baby really took a toll on my time), but I am on vacation and I wanted to pass by and see what was going on. My grandma...
  3. Saskia

    Fatal epidemy, anyone with a similar experience?

    Pictures Theese are the pictures I have: this is the ONLY suplement he uses: Theese were the survivors yesterday, am not sure if one of them might be dead already, at least you can see how they look, overall, theese are the younger: This was what he removed from the second dead gecko's...
  4. Saskia

    Fatal epidemy, anyone with a similar experience?

    First of all, thanks for reading, I am posting this as a favor to a friend of mine, who has asked me to try to help him, but I honestly don't know what to tell him, the situation is this: He has a medium sized gecko colection (about 12-15 animals) and he bred them this year, two days ago one of...
  5. Saskia

    New Rescue: BONSAI. Super stunted gecko, 8 grames and 4 inches at 11 months of age

    About 2 weeks ago I got a phone call from smeone I didn't know... he had searched my phone number in order to ask me to help him with his gecko, who he thought had MBD... he said he had never provided calcium because he didn't find any calcium in any petstore... he never provided heat what so...
  6. Saskia

    How did you get started into reptiles?

    I was diggin here and there and found this picture of the exact moment I fell in love with all reptiles, this picture is about 20 years ago (this is the moment I mentioned in my previous post) :biggrin:
  7. Saskia

    What species of Chinese cave gecko is this?

    Thank you so much! Will this one help??
  8. Saskia

    What species of Chinese cave gecko is this?

    One friend of mine bought this animal, he is a one of a kind on my country (he imported it from Colombia), he was sold as a Chinese cave gecko, but, didn´t know the specific species it is, could you help me know what type of Goniurisaurus this is ??? THANKS
  9. Saskia

    newbie questions

    Hello!! Sorry for not posting them right away, I have a new gig that I can do from home (doing subtitles and translations for TV shows) and I had a deadline yesterday... anyways, here are the pictures and XRays: This is in the waiting room: Me on my blue aprin: Processing the images, and...
  10. Saskia

    newbie questions

    Appointment made!!! I will take 4 geckos, Munchies, Randy, Betty and Fire, Tuesday at 1pm we have the appointment, I asked, and the cost for every xray is about 3$, and the consultation is about 5$, they will charge me for one consultation, and 4 Xrays, so, I will pay about 17$ for everything...
  11. Saskia

    newbie questions

    Elizabeth: I just read posts #22 and #48 as you recommended, and now I have a lot info I didn´t have, and have come to the realization that Betty might suffer from vitamin A shortage or might be a hatchling from a Vitamin A deficiency parent, let me explain why: 1) She has a dewlap, since I...
  12. Saskia

    Help with terrarium

    Hamster tunnels have small ladderlike tunnels, you can find one in the shape of an inverted U and put it between both tanks, so he can get from one to the other, without beong able to escape!! SOmething like this> \\ But with straight tunnels attached on each side, like this one: But...
  13. Saskia

    What morph is this?

    Yes, I think he has it, let me show you a couple modificatios I did to your pics: And in here you can see how a "normal" elbow and wrist should bend, so you can compare: Here are a couple of links that explain what MBD is:
  14. Saskia

    Prayers for my country

    It is devastating!! There was a major concentration yesterday country-wide, the result: 2 civilians dead (gunshots from the police), 5 in the hospital with gunshots, and the government oposition leader (one of them), Leopoldo López, in jail, we are not stopping, something has to happen. This...
  15. Saskia

    Prayers for my country

    I have been a GU member for 5 years now, if I recall correctly, I have come here for many reasons and it is a place where I come to forget about the stress of day-to-day life, I have tried to help as many users as I can, now I come here to kindly ask if anyone who reads this post could say a...
  16. Saskia

    Tremper or bell?

    This Collage I made by taking pictures of 2 of my guys, the Bell eye ceirtainly looks like yours
  17. Saskia

    Show me your crestie!!!

    I took a couple decent pics! Would like to share
  18. Saskia

    Ugly Betty, first month of recovery, before and after pics!... still working on her

    I remembered this thread and wanted to share a picture of Betty from yesterday... it´s incredible that she has been with me for almost 4 years now! I have never bred her, she lives alone now, and has never had a health issue since being with me... hope you like her!! I have enjoyed her for...
  19. Saskia

    What´s a good substrate for keeping humidity? Eco Earth?

    I finally borrowed a phone and took a decent picture of my guy, this is he: I believe I am going to go with an organic substrate that is sold here, it is called turba, mixed with the eco earth... does anyone know what the turba is?? (not sure if it is even the name in english), there are not...
  20. Saskia

    What´s a good substrate for keeping humidity? Eco Earth?

    A friend gave me a block of Eco Earth, and I wanted to know if it was a good substrate for cresties...?? Is it good for keeping the humidity high? if not, what substrate is good for maintaining the humidity?? Thanks!!!