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  1. Yoshi'smom

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my crew to yours!! (not everyone wanted to cooperate with the holiday photos but here's some of my munchkins)
  2. Yoshi'smom

    Hello from Ontario

    So that female... I don't know if I'd qualify her as a mosaic. More of a unique banded retic. The presence of both the dorsal stripe and reticulated sides are what qualify it as a mosaic Here's my mosaics. Some show the pattern better than others.
  3. Yoshi'smom

    Leachie Baby!!

    Baby #2 popped out this morning!!
  4. Yoshi'smom

    Leachie Baby!!

    When I first started keeping geckos 8+ years ago and spotted leachies, I knew that they would be the holy grail of gecko keeping for me. Fast forward a few years and I was finally able to afford not just one but had about 6 of them. I decided to cut back and only keep one pair as I no longer had...
  5. Yoshi'smom

    Guess who's back?!?!

    Aaaaand then this little lady happened to come home with me from the reptile show. I've been absolutely in love with Blood Pythons from the first moment I've spotted one. So after a long time researching and daydreaming, I decided to take the plunge. She's soooooo pretty. Meet Miso!
  6. Yoshi'smom

    Guess who's back?!?!

    And then there's the snakes: First is Lucifer the corn snake (who has not yet arrived so the photo is not my own), then Nagini the boa, Orm the super pastel enchi Ball python and lastly is Wasabi the normal Ball python.
  7. Yoshi'smom

    Guess who's back?!?!

    Then we have our other random geckos: Numinex the Leopard gecko, Rorschach the Sarasinorum gecko and Spooky the Chahoua gecko
  8. Yoshi'smom

    Guess who's back?!?!

    Hey all! I know I haven't been around in a while. Life is truly busy. Work is always busy as well. I just got married a month ago and I've been keeping super busy with art lately. I figured I'd try to stop back in more often. Since art has taken over a good deal of my time, Ouroboros Exotics has...
  9. Yoshi'smom

    Who wants to see some GIANT GECKOS!?!

    Hi all! I know I haven't been on in a while. I've become super busy at work and at home. But I just wanted to post an update on some of our geckos. Mainly the huge ones. Well, I had one for the longest time and she was growing well. When she started to put on some adult sizing/weight I was...
  10. Yoshi'smom

    Some New Arrivals

    Hey all! I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on the boards. There’s been some changes here at Ouroboros Exotics and we have slimmed down the collection to focus our projects a bit and we now have some wonderful geckos with great lineage lined up for the future. We are now breeding Crested...
  11. Yoshi'smom

    Leopard gecko tattoo

    I know I talked big game all those years ago, but I actually did end up getting my leopard gecko tattooed on me. When Yoshi (my first leopard gecko) passed, I had him tattooed in his favorite place on my shoulder. Here's the tat: Here's the photo refrence:
  12. Yoshi'smom

    Meet Milton!

    Welcome to the forums to both you and Milton. I have one leo currently and she's approximately 2 years old or so. She's a rainwater albino. :) Her name is Numinex.
  13. Yoshi'smom


    Here's another photo of his cute fatness for you gals!
  14. Yoshi'smom

    New Leachie and an Update on my Yearling

    Definitely lucked out and found this girl and her huge exo terra locally. She's three years old and needs some TLC but is a total sweetheart and a beautiful lady. She had some stuck shed and food around her claws and only weighed 62 grams! :0 So needless to say she's cleaning a huge plate and...
  15. Yoshi'smom

    2 New Arrivals!

    These two beautiful kiddos came in recently. Both are absolutely exactly what I love in cresties. High pattern, lots of cream and high contrast. I have to wipe the drool off my chin everytime I look at them. Surge is an awesome cream and grey male with unknown lineage but what he lacks in...
  16. Yoshi'smom

    Eurydactolodes Agricolae & Vieillardi

    Just some photos of my favorite geckos! Agricolae Mature Female: Agricolae Mature Male: 3 Unsexed Vieillardi Hatchlings:
  17. Yoshi'smom

    2016 babies thread!

    The babies are officially a week old!!
  18. Yoshi'smom

    2016 babies thread!

    We finally had some eggs pop from my favorite pairing, Orion x Bonzai! They both hatched out while I was at work a day apart from each other. Here's the first little nugget that popped. First photo is the next day after hatching post first shed. The second photo is just out of the egg the...
  19. Yoshi'smom

    Some outdoor photos of our breeding Cresties

    Oops! Found ourselves with another female! This is Willow:
  20. Yoshi'smom

    Some outdoor photos of our breeding Cresties

    So here are some nice outdoors photos of my breeder Crested Geckos. I work with several other species so that why only 4 are breeding in the crestie department. Without further ado, here they are: The first two are the ladies. Bonzai is the pretty Extreme lady and Opal is the Lavender and cream...