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    Crested Gecko Help

    When it comes to the substrate for a crested gecko, there are a few different options to consider, such as paper towels, reptile carpet, coconut fiber (such as Eco Earth), or a bioactive substrate. The frequency of substrate changes will depend on the type of substrate you choose and your...
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    12 Things Buyers Should Know About Leopard Gecko Pet Care

    Leopard Geckos are categorized as Lizards. Lizards are cold-blooded reptiles and belong to the Squamata order. Leopard geckos are four-legged, have visible ear openings and of course movable eyelids. Size can be from a few centimeters to as long as three meters and more. Leopard geckos are...
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    Twelve Things Buyers Should Know About Leopard Gecko Pet Care

    Things you can check to make sure the animal is in good condition. 1. Check if the body is fleshy and not flaky. 2 Their skin should be very shinny and without wrinkles or scratches. 3. The animals should be very healthy and not bony at all. 4. If the tail and hipbones are visible, this is a...
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