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    Mazuri as mealworm substrate?

    I was recently sent "reptile food" via influencer to test and review, and of course its for a bearded dragon when I have a leopard gecko. So I was wondering if there was anything I could do with this bag of Mazuri Bearded Dragon Diet, such as crushing it up and using it for mealworm...
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    A little help understanding morph

    Hey, all! This is Eclipse. She was marked as a Galaxy Pied from the store we purchased her from in Virginia Beach. I haven't found much in regards to the morph however, but if I understand correctly it's a type of Super Snow? Figured I'd ask here and see if anyone had some thoughts. She was...
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    Heyas from Virginia!

    Hi, all, I'm Alisha. After a year of asking for a lizard, and days of responsible research, my husband and I finally let our 9 yr old daughter convince us she was ready to be a Leo mommy. She did all the research and made a list of everything we'd need, and even read up on morphs and all sorts...