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  1. Conched

    Experimenting with Adult Bearded Dragon food to gut load mealworms

    Has anybody tried using commercial adult dry lizard food pellets to gut load their feeders ? I am experimenting with Adult Bearded dragon dry pellets. I chose adult because the protein content is lower and my Leo's are almost full grown.(12-17 months) Here are a few of my observations. 1. The...
  2. Conched

    Repticon Reptile Show July 19 & 20 Raleigh, NC

    If any of you are interested in getting a new addition and are within driving distance of Raleigh, NC than you don't want to miss this show !!! Lot's of great reptiles at all price points and tons of supplies !!! See you there :D
  3. Conched

    Repticon Reptile Show July 19 & 20 Raleigh, NC

    If any of you are interested in getting a new gecko and are within driving distance of Raleigh, NC than you don't want to miss this show !!! Lot's of great Leopard Geckos at all price points and tons of supplies !!! See you there:D Repticon Raleigh Page
  4. Conched

    Leopard gecko natural habitat discussion

    It's really hard to find good information concerning the leopard geckos specific environment in the wild. I think there are a few assumptions that can be made based on their behavior in captivity. They prefer some kind of hiding space by day. Do you think they prefer to live in areas with...
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    Default Thread Subscription - NOT working

    I have my Default Thread Subscription set to instantly notify via email and it does not appear to be working. Anybody else having this problem ? I have double checked the setting and have it set correctly. I think Elizabeth Freer was having a similar problem.
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    Interesting article about over supplementing (link and print)

    Kidney failure/metabolic bone disease/ vitamin D supplements in reptiles and amphibians (lizard, snake, turtle, tortoise, frog, salamander)
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    Arm Pit Bubbles --- Lets talk about it

    There is quite a bit of discussion on these armpit bubbles. You can search this site or any other site and find lots of different theories as to what they are, what causes them, and if they are normal. A few things that all of the geckos have in common are : 1. They are overweight 2. They are...
  8. Conched

    Breeding behavior or territorial behavior ?

    I had an interesting encounter with two of my Leo's today. I was cleaning out all of the enclosures today and instead of placing the young male (5 mos) in a separate container I put him in the tank with a female that is around 7 mos old. I did not think much of it because they are both so young...
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    I have been hearing allot of chirping from the Leo's lately. They are all juveniles. It actually sounds more like a sneeze. The sound is kind of hard to explain. I have read that other people have heard this before, but I just noticed it the last few days.
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    Housing juvenile and subadult Leo's together

    Housing juvenile and subadult Leo's together (or not) This seems to be two fairly hotly debated topic here on GU. The size of the enclosure and housing multiple animals together. I specifically wanted to start a discussion of housing multiple juvenile animals together although these two topics...
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    Heading to the Expo in Raleigh today

    I am heading to the Repticon Reptile Expo in Raleigh. Not sure if they have much in the way of Leos at this show, but if I see anything new or interesting Leo related I will share.
  12. Conched

    Jungle Bell Albino Male

    Jungle Bell Albino Male - Juvenile Here is a pic of my newest addition. July 13, 2013
  13. Conched

    Bell Albino female - Juvenile to Sub-adult pics

    This is a female Bell Albino which I have had for about 45 days. This is when I got her on or about May 27. Here she is today July 13.
  14. Conched

    male bell jungle het RADAR bred with bell albino female

    Any idea what this would produce ? I was not sure how to plug that into the online calculator. How would I pull the RADAR out of that pairing ?
  15. Conched

    Vitamin Supplement with Vitamin A or Beta Carotene

    Curious as to which vitamin supplements you guys are using. Right now I am leaning towards the Repashy.
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    Interesting read - Study of growth rate for Leo's - Crickets vs Mealworms vs Combo

    I stumbled upon this article surfing the net. It is worth reading.
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    Repticon at NC Fairgrounds in Raleigh July 20 and 21 2013

    Has anybody been to this show ? I was hoping to go and check out some Leopard Geckos but looking at the vendor list I was not sure how many if any of the vendors sell Leos. Repticon Raleigh Page
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    Mealworms vs. crickets ***mealworms win !!!

    I am new to leopard geckos, having purchased my first leo about 2 weeks ago. Needless to say I have done hours of net searching researching the best husbandry practices, particularly feeding practices. It seems like most of the forum boards steer towards crickets as a staple diet or even a mix...
  19. Conched

    Morph ID Please

    Hello, I was hoping you guys could take a look at my new addition and tell me what morph you think it is. I am thinking Bell Albino...