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  1. Haroldo

    S. nigropunctatus

    Found this guy/girl wandering around the parent's cage: A striking species of small stature. -Harold
  2. Haroldo

    $25 blues

    P. barbouri 2 month old juvenile 5 month old male A blurry picture of them together (they grow quickly) P. dubia And a touch of "dullness" to give you the blues altogether Comments welcome. -Harold (P.S. We didn't watermark the photos so you could appreciate the whole beauty of these...
  3. Haroldo

    O. marmorata (eastern form)...

    Well after keeping this species for nearly 4 years, I've had some success. Almost 3 years ago I lost my first eggs due to overheating. Then most animals didn't breed the following season because of my move. This past year I was able to properly get them cycled and all of my Oedura are giving me...
  4. Haroldo

    U. henkeli

    Picked up a pair of these from Luke Stevens a few days ago. Here's the male: It'll be another year or so before I can expect an attempt on breeding, but I have enough (other) projects to keep me busy. Comments welcome. -Harold
  5. Haroldo

    Large Rhacodactylus offering...

    Getting ready to cool down the Rhacs for the year and need to clear out space for other species. Here are some well-started animals. Keep in mind, I am no photographer, I'm a gecko breeder ;). Cresteds Rh.ci40 $75 Rh.ci43 $55 Rh.ci46 $75 Rh.ci49 $65 Rh.ci50 $65 Rh.ci51 $75 (in-shed)...
  6. Haroldo

    NARBC Chicago/Tinley Park show Oct. 11-12!!

    Here's a partial listing of what will be available at our booth this upcoming weekend: Eublepharis macularius (juveniles, adults) Hemidactylus triedrus (neos, juveniles) *Lucasium (Diplodactylus) dameum (proven adult breeding pair) Lygodactylus kimhowelli (neos, juveniles, half-growns)...
  7. Haroldo

    Phelsuma mad. kochi

    Thought the pores would become more defined when I checked for sex a few months back. Not so sure on the sex with my eyes: Appreciate thoughts on this 7"+ animal. -Harold
  8. Haroldo

    Unknown Sphaerodactylus

    From a new friend: Can anyone help me with an ID? Thanks. Best, Harold
  9. Haroldo

    Phelsuma borbonica mater

    Received this in the mail a bit back (gecko-sitting) for a friend, but decided to get some pictures of her before she went in a deli cup and shipped out: Now the wait comes until I got some offspring off of my friend, so I'll have some borbonica of my own...
  10. Haroldo

    H. wahlbergi

    Something new we've added to our collection: Now the wait until they are sexable and pairs can be assembled.
  11. Haroldo

    From a common $15 gecko

    P. bastardi neo rivaling coloration/patterning of the nicest Pachydactylus...
  12. Haroldo

    Lygodactylus from Tanzania...

    Not sure about anyone else, but I'm definitely a fan of Lygodactylus. CB juvenile I produced- L. kimhowelli: I've found Lygodactylus have their own idiosyncrasies concerning rearing young and the process has been difficult, but rewarding. -Harold
  13. Haroldo

    N. l. levis - sex?

    Here's the underside of an 9+ month old (15 grams or more) Nephrurus levis levis. I suspect female, any confirmations or denials? Any input appreciated. Regards, Harold
  14. Haroldo

    How to keep Ph. guimbeaui

    Title says it all. I'm looking for feedback/info from keepers with Ph. guimbeaui in their collections. Please share info regarding tips for rearing young and optimal conditions for adults. Thanks, -Harold
  15. Haroldo

    Lygodactylus "picturatus"

    Here's another first here: Lygodactylus picturatus Born just yesterday and still have clutches in the incubator. The clutch-mate also hatched and had shed in only a few hours. They are good size as hatchlings and incubation time was about 2 months (half of that in-situ). Comments greatly...
  16. Haroldo

    Stenodactylus "petri"

    Today I received a male "petri" after 2 years of searching for one. Problem is, he is significantly different from my other "petri". While the larger one is 3 times the mass of the smaller one, there is a considerable difference in age. Does anyone have any opinions on these two animals? Any...
  17. Haroldo

    Assorted Phelsuma

    Phelsuma abbotti chekei: Phelsuma barbouri: Phelsuma comorensis offspring: Phelsuma v-nigra pasteuri:
  18. Haroldo

    Perro de Presa Canario

    Here's a few shots of our non-reptile animals. There are 4 dogs at this house (separate house with a 60'x80' land attached), but I only got a chance to 'shoot' two. This one was just funny as... Gotta get some pics of the others. If you're not familiar with the breed, they get...
  19. Haroldo

    T. microlepis complex

    I know there's some people out there with these species. Have some comments, words of wisdom? They're all welcome! Regards, Harold
  20. Haroldo

    Anybody shipping with FedEx!!! or anybody shipping animals!!

    So as most people do, I decide to go "legitimate" and get FedEx certified to ship live animals. I'm at the end of the process and get sent the liability waiver (legally binding document). Get to item "F" of the agreement and find something utterly ridiculous: "Company agrees to waive any right...