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  1. T-ReXx

    Updated pics of my "granite" male

    Finally got around to taking pics of this guy now that he's acclimated and up to weight. In fact, he's sired three babies that have hatched already. So for they look completely normal. And the female he's been paired with so far. She has a cool purply head thing going on...
  2. T-ReXx

    First two babies of 2013

    These two hatched a week or so ago. Still waiting on some sibling eggs. Out of my "Yellow spot granite" pair.
  3. T-ReXx

    It's been a while, some pics

    Thanks for looking -Ted
  4. T-ReXx

    Eublaberus prosticus

    Curious if anyone has experience with using these as a feeder. I have used both lateralis and dubia in the past and have had mixed results. My main issues with dubia are lack of activity(doesn't attract the attention of most of my animals very well and therefore means I mostly have to tong feed...
  5. T-ReXx

    Couple new ones from Kevin

    Thanks to my oh-so-good friend Kev, these two now reside with me. :biggrin: Male U. henkeli STUNNING female U. fimbriatus VERY happy. :yahoo:
  6. T-ReXx

    Calling all Obscure species gurus! (Blaesodactylus ID)

    I got this little girl this week. I'm not positive on which species of Madagascar Velvet she is. I originally thought B. sakalva since she's rather small(only about 6.5-7 in) but the color isn't right for that. I'm leaning towards a juvenile B. boivini but I'm not sure. Confident it's a...
  7. T-ReXx

    Uroplatus henkeli and fimbriatus pics

    2011 U. henkeli Adult Male henkeli Adult fimbriatus
  8. T-ReXx

    Jeremiah Update

    Snapped a few pics of Jeremiah; my male Sarasinorum today. He's put on 11 grams since I got him. I know everyone says saras are squirrely, but this guy is calmer than most of my cresties and is quickly becoming a favorite. Can't wait to get him a girlfriend for next year. :D
  9. T-ReXx


    What's hatched so far this year. SIDNAN01A SIDNAN01B SIDHOO01A SIDNAN01D SIDHOO01B Still lots more eggs to go.
  10. T-ReXx

    Baby henk pics

    Four henkeli hatched out this year so far. Here are the three survivors. It amazes me how variable these guys are. Cloud X Aerith 01 Cloud X Aerith 02 Cloud X Aerith 03 2 more eggs to go! :biggrin:
  11. T-ReXx

    Third henkeli hatchling of 2011

    This one hatched yesterday. By FAR my favorite of the year.
  12. T-ReXx

    First Henkeli have hatched!

    After a loooong wait first henkeli eggs have hatched. #1 was 94 days at 75F with a 4 degree night drop. #2 was 97 days at 75F with a 4 degree night drop and unfortunately hatched with a nub tail. I assume it's from bad positioning in the egg considering temps were stable throughout incubation...
  13. T-ReXx

    Sex verification

    I got this patternless "male" a little over a year ago. At the time it was much smaller and I assumed the seller accurately sexed it. I rarely handle my tokays, and this one is particularly defensive, so for the most part it's been left alone in a cage shared with a normal female for the past...
  14. T-ReXx

    some of my purple people eaters(tokay pics)

    I was cleaning cages today and snapped some tokay pics. They were pretty unhappy with me for moving their stuff around. :biggrin: Demon Ying and Yang, Demon's girls Autumn Spitfire Natiri Cirrus Maui Lucky Charms, my patternless green male Thanks for looking.:D
  15. T-ReXx

    A few tokay shots

    Just a few pics of some of the purple people eaters :biggrin:
  16. T-ReXx

    Some more fimbriatus pics and a henkeli

    A couple more shots. :biggrin: And my male henkeli, Cloud
  17. T-ReXx

    U.fimbriatus pics

    Here are some pics of my fimbriatus pair. These are a little old, so they're in a little better shape now, the male had some tail curling when I first got him but several months later he's fully flattened and starting to court the female. :biggrin: Male Female Thanks for...
  18. T-ReXx

    Any idea of Cyrto species?

    Anyone have any ideas as to what species this is?
  19. T-ReXx

    Blatta lateralis for AFTs?

    I'm just curious to see if anyone has any experience feeding Turkistan Roaches(Blatta lateralis) to African Fat tailed geckos. I'm getting a group of adult fatties next week that have been fed steadily on crickets and I'd like to switch them over to roaches. I do have a dubia colony, but my...
  20. T-ReXx

    A few leo pics

    Here are a few of my adults, thought I'd share. :) In order, they are: Luigi: Male Mack Snow het Tremper Albino. Mario: Super Snow het Tremper, het Blizzard, male Peach: Tremper Albino het Blizzard female Sonya: Tremper Blazing Blizzard female Zelda: Raptor with 2 solid red eyes female(in shed...