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  1. Marauderhex

    A new species of lizard of the genus Eublepharis

    Eublepharis satpuraensis sp. nov. has been described in a paper by Mirza et al. Dec 2014. Here's a link to the paper.
  2. Marauderhex

    Favorite CGD and why

    Crestie owners, could you be so kind as to vote in a short poll and explain your choices in a quick comment below. Thanks in advance.
  3. Marauderhex

    One of my golden geckos totally earned this tonight

    I should note that her name is Sassy.
  4. Marauderhex

    Blatta lateralis vs Blaptica dubia

    Good morning all, I was wondering about switching from B. dubia, which I currently have an abundance of, to B. lateralis. I know the care and feeding of both species is similar, with the exception of dubia needing a higher protein diet. I was wondering who has used both in the past and what...
  5. Marauderhex

    Blue Tongue Skink

    Actually that's my wife. If you want to go the dog food route, you have to use all natural, preservative free dog food. We use the Blue Buffalo Wilderness stuff. It's the blue can with a wolf on it. Then we add greens like kale, collard greens, and a tiny (like one teaspoon full) of fruit. The...
  6. Marauderhex

    Getting to Know You

    I'm Justin. 27 years old. Covered in tattoos, latest is the aquatic leg sleeve on my right leg. I have a BS in Biology, and work with chemical warfare agents for the Army as a contractor. When I was in the army, I was a mortar man and all around infantryman. I was in Iraq from '08-09 in a suburb...
  7. Marauderhex

    Picked up a trio of P. tigrinus

    Here's my new 0.0.3 trio of tiny tigers on the way home from the Hamburg, PA reptile show.
  8. Marauderhex

    IBD virus may be related to Ebola

    Here's the report and the published scientific article: Report: WBUR Journal published paper regarding the report: Identification, Characterization, and In Vitro Culture of Highly Divergent Arenaviruses from Boa Constrictors and Annulated Tree Boas: Candidate Etiological Agents for Snake...
  9. Marauderhex

    Banded geckos as pets

    Hi all, I am looking at possible animals to diversify my little collection. I was wondering what the temperment is like, are they tolerant of handling, are thy very flighty, etc? I'm not looking into husbandry, as I can find that on caresheets, just personal experiences. Thanks
  10. Marauderhex

    Lesson learned

    Tokay geckos can/will use tools, ie a piece of pvc pipe as a megaphone in the middle of the night... I just gave Galactus some new pvc pipe vertical hides over the weekend. Last night, he stuck his head in the top and called, quite loudly might I add. The combination of his naturally loud call...
  11. Marauderhex

    Leos and cancer

    We wanted to get this information out there because cancer is extremely rare in leopard geckos. This is a record for people who may run into similar circumstances. I will recount the story as best I can. We obtained a breeding pair of "midnight" blizzards (not a proven morph) that were at least...
  12. Marauderhex

    Strange Tokay call

    So Galactus seems to get the first part of the call correct, the chittering part, but when you normally hear the distinct "gekkkkkoooooo gekkkkkkkkkooooo" his just sounds more like someone letting the air out of him, producing a sound like "heaaaaarrrr" that gets softer and quieter with each...
  13. Marauderhex

    Finally joined up

    Good day all, I finally decided to take the plunge and join up. I've been referencing this forum, and it's threads, for quite a while now. As you can tell by my signature I don't have too many super exotic geckos, but I would like to add the operative word 'yet' to that statement. I've been...