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    Mourning Geckos laying eggs

    I have a mourning gecko who has a very large egg in her. I have some egg laying sites/tubes that I added to the terrarium. I am concerned that she hasn't laid yet. She's 6 weeks and a couple days along (give or take a day). I've been monitoring her progress since I noticed she started developing...
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    CGD: Pangea Fomulas and L. Lugubris

    Does anyone have any success/experience/thoughts on feeding certain Pangea CGD formulas to Mourning geckos? Specifically, any thoughts on the Breeding and Growth formula. I figure since Mourning Geckos are prolific egg layers, would the breeding formula benefit them? Or would it not make...
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    Newbie: Here to Learn!

    Hello all! My name is TheLuckyMuffin. :) I'm here to learn all that I can about the care and keeping of reptiles. A bit about myself: I have 18 years of experience keeping fish and amphibians. Freshwater aquariums and aquaponic set-ups. Green and leopard frogs, tree frogs, salamanders, and...