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    P.dubia humidity

    Hello, I am picking up a pair of P. dubia this weekend. The only thing I have a question on is what is the optimal humidity range. They are going to be going in an 18x18x24 bio active setup with some live plants. I am assuming in the 60% range but want to be sure.
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    O.monilis concerns

    Hello, I obtained two O.monilis females a little over two weeks ago. I spoke with breeder and have followed up a few times to make sure my husbandry was right, as the cage was initially going to be for some day geckos. At this point I am concerned they are not eating enough. I do see one of...
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    Keeping Humidity Up

    So I currently have a tank set up and am monitoring the parameters. The setup is as follows: Enclosure 18x18x24 exo terra One half of the screen top is covered in glass and has the exoterra fixture with 2 23w led lights. The other half of the top does not have glass and has two dome lights...
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    Hello from Northeast OH!

    New to the forum and I wanted to say hi! I have kept reptiles most of my life (mostly snakes). I currently have a flourescent male cornsnake named Sabu that is about 3 yrs old and a male Leopard Gecko named Jasper that is about a year old. My current (and last as I am officially out of space)...