She's finally eating


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Repeat of what I posted at Gecko World.

Some may remember I had that Fat Tail female that didn't have parasites and didn't appear to have a impactation.

Well I continued to give her high calorie supplements and that baby hydration formula. I had to cut her off because the calorie stuff usually has vitamin A and she began to show early signs of Vit A overdose.

Anyway as a last ditch effort I can her a mineral oil laxative. At this point I resigned to the fact she'll probably die. Nothing happened although she really didn't drink more then a drop or two. I attempted this again and I don't think anything happened. This time a got a few mL into her. She still didn't appear to be blocked or have parasites.

By now her hip bones are showing as well as stuff in her neck and her tail is very tiny. Then three days ago something changed. Instead of closeing her eyes she actually looked at the cricket before going and hideing. This is the first time she showed interest in food. There was also something that appeared like it might be fecal matter.

That night I put in 6 crickets of medium size. In the morning all but two were gone. I checked eveywhere. The gecko also didn't look totally emaciated. She had a little stomach buldge. The next night I added 6 more crickets. I pinched the back legs and sent them into her coconut house. When I came back 5 minutes later they were all gone except one and she looked a little fatter in the stomach. This morning a average to large piece of fecal matter was by the side of her house.

She still won't eat out in the open or in front of me, but hopefully she can pack on enough nutrition to gain weight hopefully. It's going to be iffy for a bit simply because she's so close to starvation, but I'm positive now she is eating.

Update: I have seen her eat in her hut now. If she had an impactation it wouldn't suprise me since she "explodes" like a alligator at the crickets. Although it could be just because she is starving. So far she has averaged 5-6 crickets every 18 hours or so. I don't want to try waxworms because she shows no interest and my other two are already addicted to much. However, I'd love suggestions on how to gutload the crickets for maximum weight gain. Keeping in mind I must keep things extremely low in Vitamin A.

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Good news!

I give my cricekts Layena and an assortment of veggies. I also add extra calcium to the Layena.


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OK thanks.

She is now within average weight although I won't be putting her back with the others for at least another month and a half. I'll probably wait until I hibernate them all together.