Humid hide for frog eyed geckos?


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I have a pair of Teratoscincus s. scincus.
I am wondering if you can use a moist hide for them like a margarine tub or something.
Do frog eyed gecko's use them?
At the moment i use a terracotta plant dish that i moist now and then so the humidity gets absorbed by the dish and creates a bit of humidity under it.
I was planning on switching to the 'classic' humid hides like for other geckos since the system that i use doesn't keep the humidity well, especialy when summer (evaporates very rapid, within an hour sometimes).
Do you think that they use a plastic little box with moist vermiculite or something?
Is this 'system' suitable for frog eyed gecko's?
ps. I have 6 eggs of these guys in the incubator, its my first attempt to breed them, i hope they will hatch :D


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I do give my T.microlepis a moist hide, though I've never seen the male, nor the female use it! I would provide one just in case, I use moss in mine that I keep moist. By the way, I would be very interested in buying any babies you produce if you don't keep them. How many breeders do you have? Can you post photos? Thanks.