Ordinary pictus pictures

Jan Grathwohl

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Just looked this subforum over and did'nt find many pictures of normal colored adults

I took a few shots of my new pair yesterday, hope you like :) (The male is enormous)




Female (is she hypo or just light?)


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I would say that female is a hypo, assuming she is always that color and not "fired" up for this shot.

Jan Grathwohl

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Hi Harold

Yes think she might be hypo then, she always seem to have this very light color (can try to make a photo one of the days of her besides the male - they colors on the photo are very much how the look, taken with same camera and same time of day, actually they was just besides each other.


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Hypo female....

This female is not hypo. A lot of people get this species coloration identification mixed up. Most people think that any picta that isn't dark is hypo, when in fact they aren't. I have been breeding this species for many many years and I have produced some of the nicest picta that I believe have been offered for sale. I have attatched a photo of hypo picta. The hypo trait in picta works like the hypo trait in leopard geckos. The gecko is born, and as they age they get lighter and lighter with each shed. Color variation in xanthics is also extremely variable. I have produced xanthics that are orange (they aren't albino), pink, and nearly red. Things from two stripes, to 5 bands. This species is highly variable in color and pattern.
female hypo

very young pair of hypos

nicest hypo i've ever produced as subadult

hypo trio