Paroedura masobe photo

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I'll try to post my first photo on this forum. Let's see how this turns out. :)

This is a newborn Paroedura masobe, that was born on January 6th.



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Thanks for sharing this pics Matjaz, it's great to see true captive born specimens of such a species.


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I am waiting on a pair of these guys and looking at maybe 10 more days before getting them. I was going to go at these guys with an educated guess but now I have at least a proven plan to work with! Keep the information coming if you have anything else you think makes a difference.
That little guy is sooo cute!


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For, what exactly is that your egg is incubated on. Looks like you have vermiculite for the humidity but have it sitting on sand to keep wet vermiculite off of egg...what exactly is the plastic piece and how did you use the three together?


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A lot of breeders(including myself) put their hard shelled eggs that require humidity on sand in a milkcap. The milkcap holds the sand and keep the eggs from being directly exposed to the wet vermiculite. All in all it is a very good set-up.

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Basicaly what Leland said.
Just that I use film container lids instead of milk caps.
It works great.