pictus producing more males?


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i am having a problem with my pictus. i have no problem getting them to breed, but no matter what i do i cannot seem to hatch out any females. i got a female finaly from julie at gecko ranch, but i have not been able to hatch out any males no matter how low i get the temp down to(low to mid 70s). is this more a gentic problem or have other people noticed this also? thanks for any info.


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darth_gecko i didnt know if they were tsd or not that is why I was asking. thanks for the info chuckpowell but i thought low 70's was low enough to generate females. I am afraid that if i go any lower that they eggs might not hatch at all. thanks for the info again.


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TSD=temperature sex determined. You'd be surprised at how low temps can go and stuff still hatch. I think Chuck is more referring to allowing the temps to swing during the day, rather than being in an incubator.

Plus, if they keep throwing males, could be the male you're using.


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darth_gecko you did not cause any offense wtih me by asking that question and unfortunatly i live in the U.S. so i wont be able to send you any babies,. Mybe i will get a new male for my female...


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I've bred pictus for many years and had hundreds of babies.
If I incubate the eggs at 26 C, I get almost 100% females, if I incubate them at 28 C, I get almost 100% males. (Even, if the eggs are incubated at fluctuating temperatures of 21 - 28 C, I get almost 100% males).
Hope this helps.

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I've also bred pictus in large numbers for a couple years now.
In my experience a constant temperature of about 82-83F produces a nice even ratio between the sexes.
Good luck with your pictus,