Please post your top 3 favorite pics

Brandon Parry

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the moof

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lets see... not necessarily in this order:

Pyxis arachnoides

Furcifer outalleti

Furcifer labordi mating

i think there are a few more, but those are amongst my favourites

the moof

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HAHAHA! THAT LAST PIC IS AMAZING! so humanlike! wow!

and the middle pic is SWEET! the eyes are intense!


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Great pics everyone!!!!

GekkoGalaksen- I gotta agree with moofy, that 3rd pic is sooo adorable!!! Your not bad at the camera! :wink:

Hilde- bee crestie shot is realy cool! :p The cresties face reaction is so funny! :lol:


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Oh man, only three???? That's hard to do!!!

Xanadu~my first gecko back when we used crix as feeders...eeeek

Rydell~he died in February :( I was taking pics with my 7D when he jumped into the lens, luckily I had my P&S handy.

The GREAT GODDESS, Olivia Newton-John in concert in Lake Tahoe (with one of her back-up singers)

All pics taken with Panasonic FZ-20

TM Geckos

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Here are trhee of the favourite herp pics I have taken.

Python reticulatus jampeanus

Crocodylus siamensis

Dendroaspis polylepis


L.A.C. Herps

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Coleonyx__Corral wrote:
i owe it all to the SONY Cybershot DSC-T5 with 5.1 MEGA PIXELS. There are way better cameras out there though. I really want a Digital SLR Canon Rebel!!!!

NOOOOO! Dont do the Dig Reb, its a bad camera for the price. Spend the extra money and jump up to the 20d. I am a nikon guy all the way, but I would hate to see any body waste there money.
Wes, I'm really going to have to disagree with you on that statement. For the money, and most photographers out there, the 20D offers essentially the same exact features. The only differences that I see at a quick glance is a much higher shutter speed on the 20D ( not even useful, or practical for most), and it offers almost double the FPS ( which also isn't necessary for quality shots). Also the 20D has a magnesium body, which adds to the durability of the camera.
with the same MP, and the option to use the exact same lenses, the Rebel is perfectly capable of taking the exact same images as the 20D excluding high speed ( 1/3200-1/8000, and approximately 2.7fps higher). Those couple of things, add approximately $300-$400 to the camera. For that kind of money you can add an awesome macro lens to the Rebel, or buy quite a nice flash set up.

These 3 aren't necessarily my favorite, but just three I felt like posting.