glass cage building

Brandon Parry

New member
I have been asked several times how to build cages out of glass, so I have decided to post some quick notes on how to here.

tools needed
1. glass cutter perferably a self oiling one
2. metal right angle
3. cauking gun
4. silicone used for windows and doors
5. tape messure
6. aluminum screen
7. hinges of some kind and a latch if you wish to keep he door closed and secure
8. masking tape
9. and finally glass

to get started I usually cut the piece for the bottom of the cage so for example lets say the cage is going to be 10" wide 10" tall and 16" deep I will need to cut a piece that's 10"x16" to cut the glass I place the right angle over the glass and messure out where I want to cut, once I have the right angle in place I will hold it down firmly so it will not move and with the other hand I will use the glass cutter to score the glass. A good amount of pressure is needed and it should be scored quickly to leave a good breaking point. Once I score the glass I will then hold over the edge of the table and tap the underside along the score. Tap it just enough and you will see the glass break through to the score. Once it's all the way through just a little bit of pressure and the glass will seperate. Once the glass is cut I will sand down the edges to prevent getting cut. Once all the pieces are cut I will mock up the cage and will hold it together with masking tape if everything lines up and looks good I will silicone it all together. Not much silicone will be needed, I usually run a bead along the joints and then smooth it over with my finger. This will also press the silicone in to the joint for a better contact. Once the sides and back are put together I will cut a bottom and top piece for the door on the front. Once they are siliconed in place and dried. I will put the cage on it's back, and will tape the door in place before siliconing the hinges on. Once the hinges are dried and the rest of the cage has dried. I will then make the top. This can be done several different ways, a window frame kit can be used to create a top which can be siliconed in place or a glass top can be made. For making a top out of glass I usually cut thin pieces and use them to sandwich the screen between them. Once the top drys it gets siliconed to the rest of the cage. Once the cage is put together let it dry for a good 24 hours before putting an animal in it.