Homemade Racks


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Can I see some pictures of some of y'alls homemade rack systems and how you went about wiring them with heat tape? I recently bought a fairly cheap shelving unit and am in the process of turning it into a gecko rack. I could use some ideas and tips from those of you who have made your own racks. (Especially when it comes to wiring the heat tape, thermostat, etc. I'm a fast learner, but technically challenged! :))

Thanks :D


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This is a good walkthrough of building a rack:

He used the tape on the back of the rack, though.

I described one of my racks here:

If I could make some suggestions:
1) When wiring heat tape, it is easier to use ring terminals on the ends of the wire rather than using a soldering iron or clips. You just put a screw straight into the shelf, through the tape. No prep. Then just cover the exposed screw with silicone or electrical tape.
2) Wiring in parallel is easier than in series.

I hope that makes some sense.