UTH setup for melamine enclosures (pictures)


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I took a few pictures of the UTH contraptions that I use inside the wooden (melamine to be picky) leopard and fat-tail cages.

I'm not a carpenter by any stretch of the imagination. I'm just a middle-aged female with limited access to tools, but I can sure make use of silicone and a staple gun (and WD-40 or duct tape when needed) to get the results I want. This model isn't pretty, but it sure works and the geckos are happy with it. Anyone with more ambition can make a snazzier looking model. These pictures were taken in 2003, but the units were made in 2000. I made 9 of them, and they're still in use, no sign of wear nor problems of any kind. Even the UTHs are still in great shape, no discoloration nor warping.



(The humid hide was moved to the side for the picture)





The UTH is attached directly to the tile. It's hard to see with the screen in the way. There's about a 1" gap between the UTH and screen because of the framework the tile is attached to. The heat spreads upwards through the tile, and also radiates down to anyone who's hiding underneath. It's almost like a cave for them. There is a temperature gradient through out each cage as well. The heat is concentrated over and under the tile, but it does warm up the entire enclosure to some degree, decreasing as distance increases. It's the same effect as a basking light which concentrates the heat in one spot, decreasing as you move from the lit up area.