Eublepharis macularius


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i just wanted to add that it is prefferable to have two dark hides. one on the warm side, one on the cool side. but it is next to impossible to fit all that in a 10 gal.

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i just wanted to add that it is prefferable to have two dark hides. one on the warm side, one on the cool side. but it is next to impossible to fit all that in a 10 gal.

I agree. And the answer to that is, if you can't fit all of the required needs into a certain size housing, then that size is probably not truely big enough.


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I agree, a 10 gallon is goos for juveniles but not for adults. A 20 gallon is the minimum, but a 20 gallon long is perfect.
Just a couple things i would like to add:
1- vary the diet. use silkworms, butterworms, and for adults, super worms, goliath worms, and hte ocasionnal pikny mouse.
2-you shouldnt house a make and female together because excessive breeding will stress the female. just introduce her once and she will have enough sperm to go through the breeding season.

but overall its a good basic caresheet, just a bit more info is needed and some corrections to be made.


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Hi. i am relatively new to keeping reptiles and have been keeping a leopard gecko for the past six months as i was told they were the best for begginers.
I still enjoy my lizard but feel confident enough to take on another and would like to know if there are any other species compatible with mine.


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hey fat-tailed geckos are another great type of gecko, cousins with the leopard geckos. I'd go and buy maybe two more leopard geckos depending how much you enjoy them.


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weight for gravid leopard geckoes

creams weight is 28.5g is that ok and wot is the ideal weight for her to drop her eggs thanks


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ideal weight varies between individual lizards try not to stress to much bkoz its all guna happen natural sweety. try not to feed her to much bkoz her stroed fat is ideal for what is needed to drop eggs. i wud feed her small doses 1 time daily at the most to promote pedigree conditon within the womb. i hope the info above is helpful nd any 1 with quireys will b answered strait away. over nd out. :horse:


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so im con fused someone said she might have an infection and someone says she burned herself which one is it?

Well, if you have a heat rock it is a very good possibility that she got burned. If you dont then she probably has an infection. I would need more info where is she hurt? How bad is it?


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I have a [Male] super hypo tangerine carrot tail (juvenile) and what i believe is a [Female] bell albino giant tremper (juvenile) I also have them in a 10 gallon tank which is actually pretty roomy. I was just wandering if they would breed or not?



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new here and in need of help!

I have just rescued a Gecko from a very bad person, poor little guy is skinny, dehydrated and looks like he might have mouth rot. Thats not even the real problem! I have got his temps and humditiy up to 82F and 75 humditiy, seems he still has some skin to shed on his little toes.
The real problem is he can't see! I don't event think he has eyes. I can't tell because the jerk that had him just let him suffer and his eyes are all crusted over with this green hard crust and he can't close them!!!! He has a vets visit coming up on monday but I'm wondering if there is anything else i can do. I have snakes and have had them for many years but never a lizard, so Im not sure what I can be doing for him.
He has a vitiam mixture that i'm mixing with water and drop watering him in my hand. I have force feed him to crickets and he has some mealworms in his bowl. But he can't see to find them and I'm wondering if something might be wrong with his sense of smell as well.
Can anyone help me to ease this little guys suffering????


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I have had my gecko in sand from the beginning =-O. I know now its not the substrate I should be using, but she's been in it for almost 8 months now & seems fine. However, I am curious, what are the symptom of impaction. She's eating & pooing wonderfully. I will change to rock & soil, but until then. Is she ok?