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Every single Herper needs to send in 22 letters to the 22 members of the sub committee about to have a hearing regarding the future of our industry. This is the very least you can do!

I put together a little video explaining an easy way to print the letters that does not involve cut and paste or any technical computer savvy for the least geeky of computer users. I put the file together for you. All you have to do is print it. Anyone can do this. In fact, even if you do not have a printer, you can do this! Click and watch this video to see how you too can make a contribution to this cause:

YouTube - Help fight HR 669

Now. Every one of us can have a much larger role in helping with this effort! I have uploaded a video here that explains it all. No typing except a short email. You too can make a HUGE difference sending in hundreds of signed letter like I am going to do. Watch this video:

YouTube - Multiply your impact on HR 669

And finally, I have a little video for you Herpers who have done nothing and have no intention of doing anything. This one is for you:

YouTube - So you don't believe hr669 is a threat?

Click here for the link to 22 page document I refer to in the videos:

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