This is exactly what I am talking about!


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This is exactly what I am talking about!

Stop HR669 and stop it now!

You can do a lot more than sending one email! A LOT MORE! The fellow who posted this picture is a warrior for all of us! He is on the front lines. He has picked up his musket and he is firing at the enemy. This exactly what it is all about!


You who have done nothing... at the very bare bones minimum only sent an email to your representative. That is a step in the right direction! Fantastic! It is important that you do something rather than nothing. Won’t you join us down here on the battlefield and get your hands dirty!?

You can do a lot more! This person has printed up a “package” of 22 letters each addressed to one of the members of the committee that will be influential in deciding if HR669 moves forward or stops right where it is. He has then gotten friends and family to sign each of the letters and they have either added their name and address on every single letter or he has done that with his computer for those people using his printer at home. That is what I am doing. I currently have over 1000 letters myself. Many folks have a lot more than I do.

There isn’t a lot of time left. Any letters you send would need to be sent overnight no later than MONDAY to:

Tom Wolfe
6246 Lee Hwy
Arlington, VA 22205

Tom will hand deliver them to the members of the committee. We need to be heard loud and clear! Thousands upon thousands of singed letters will speak louder than anything else we can do right now.

Please note: If you are going to be a champion for this cause and you are sending many signed letters to Tom, please separate the letters into groups for each of the different members of the committee. They can be separated using a paperclip or placed into separate manila envelopes and labeled on the outside of the envelope for the members name. Tom is getting thousands of letters and will not have time to separate everything. Please make it as easy as possible for Tom.

All 22 letters have already been written for you. Download it here:

Now! What have you done?

Do it!

Web moderators: Please do not merge this with an existing thread that most are no longer viewing. The more people that see this, the greater the potential that this additional message will encourage folks who have yet to do something to make that move and help. Saturday and Sunday are two days that a lot of people could do a lot more. Let’s hope they do.

Please. Thank you!


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You are getting it done! This is fantastic and thank you for each and every one of you who is sending in letters of any kind to Tom Wolfe! A even larger thanks goes to you who have sent in BOXES full of singed letters! This is fantastic!

Friday's mail at Tom Wolfe's place:


Saturday's mail at Tom Wolfe's place:


I can't wait to see Monday and the biggest day Tuesday! I know of around 10,000 that will be delivered on Tuesday alone! This is going to be huge and I hope each and every one has a large part in putting this down as forcefully as is humanly possible.

Thank you for your help!