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My another Froggie shed today finally as predicted few days ago.
The process takes less than 15mins...and most of the time take place inside it's cave so I've got only some shots to share.









Fresh skin, time to rest. Enjoy^^


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vary nice i don't think i've ever seen my guys shed i know thay do it because once and a while i'll see some skin that thay don't eat.


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For less than a month, Caffine started it's second shed today without prior signal since 19Sept follow the step of Elmo yesterday.






Is that a healthy sign of growing or what for shedding twice within a month....?
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It's certainly not a bad sign. Weight fluctuation can cause it to happen more frequently. Those are great close-up pictures, I love how the one is shoveling the skin into its mouth!


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It's certainly not a bad sign. Weight fluctuation can cause it to happen more frequently. Those are great close-up pictures, I love how the one is shoveling the skin into its mouth!
Thanks for your compliment, its not easy to take pics with them as camera flash might hurts their eyes. I have weighted them today and they've got 3 grams gained since the day they are with me.
Sounds they are growing healthy, not bad right^^
what is that substrate?
I use Calci Sand as substrates but I still feed them with legless crickets serving on dish just in case, a prevention of impaction.

Here I've got new pics from them, you cant see the different btw them.


The one look pale is Caffine and the darker one is Elmo. Seems I'd confused on their gender cos they are named before finding out Caffine is suspected to be a male while Elmo is 100% female.
What a big joke I've mistakenly made. LOL


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that black stuff is calci sand?? must be a new, it looks like black glass!
My male is darker than my female but mine are prezwalskii. My female is also much larger but I think that is due to her very aggressive appetite! I've got robo's and keyser's on my list, my prezwals are so awesome, i can't wait to try out the other species.


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Elmo show much aggressive appetite than Caffine actually, i have recently increased their food amount to up to 3 medium size crickets once at a time daily. As long as they take it, i will keep an eye on their faeces for any indigested food in order to control their diet.

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Excellent sequential photos!

(Calci Sand is not really a safe substrate for geckos. Good that you are confining their meals/crickets to a feeding dish.)

Because you named them before you were certain of their sexes, you could change Elmo to Elmira. That would be close. Caffeine still works for the male.
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Thanks for your compliment, and hope you'll enjoy those photo. Caffeine just got another shed today right on time for once every half month, healthy growing sign, rite?
I realized that cali sand may also have a chance to cause impact, I always have a feeding dish for them as I used to remove legs from crickets for feeding.
Elmira sounds great instead of Elmo, I'll keep this name for my reference when he/she are 100% sexed. Thanks for your suggestion and advise.^^


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Hi raku_ubun, everyone
I know it's an old post, but it fits perfectly the topic of my question, shedding for T.Roborowsky...
I got a male, I think still not fully adult but close to be, more than one month ago. I haven't seen it shedding until now. I think it may be a matter of luck, but in your first post in this thread you mentioned that you were somehow expecting the shedding. Which are the signs that can let me predict when he is close to shed?

I am asking this also because in the last 3-4 days he has been eating less mealworms than usual, pooping not everyday (as before) but every other day. He also spending most of his day time in the "cold" (where I am in China now "cold" means 28-29 C) area. The warm area is at around 34 C and did not change in the recent days.

He has a small bowl of fresh water always available and also a moist hide, but I have seen him inside there just once or twice.

Thanks a lot for any help you can give
and @raku, really great close-up pics! I recently bought an old Panagor macro lens, mainly for the gecko and all other small friends I have at home. But I am a beginner also in photography and could not get a real nice shot (yet)..