E.U. directive on invasive species


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There seems little mention of this on the forums but its making headlines in the U.K. reptile world.

Basically there looks like there will be a new E.U. wide law banning the keepimg of invasive species,not just herptiles.In short there will be either a black list or white list of the species banned or allowed.

This sounds very good as we have to protect our native wildlife.But the crux is that if a species is deemed to be invasive in say Malta,Cyprus or the Canary Islands we would be banned from keeping it in Northern Europe.Now would Leopard Geckos and Rhacodactylus be deemed to be invasive in Southern Europe? There could be wide reaching consequences on the hobby.

At present only the British and French governments are opposing the law but the Germans are strangely reticent.This needs to be brought to the attention of the reptile keepers out there.