Teratolepis Fasciata


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That's not a bad price. Are they adults. I have 2 females 1 is about 10 years old and the other is about 2. If I could find an adult trio to add to them I would but I have sort of promised them to someone already.


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Awesome geckos!

These Viper Gecko's are amazing, I have been searching for them for a long time and like others have already stated they are extremely hard to find! Who ever has them is holding them hostage for sure.


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Addition: Also as I wrote at the p.tigrinus, females has the ability to keep sperm therefore the female can lay eggs almost for a year after last mate.
This cause die of females in many cases. My friends complained about this. So not a good idea keep males together with females.
Males can be kept together if there is space for them. Just check the first few weeks to see their behavior toward each other. (Every single gekco has a different attitude) I keep two adult males together for more than a year without problem.This is why I think its possible.