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Welcome to Geckos Unlimited! :biggrin:
Please look over these basic rules and guidelines FIRST before posting.

First and foremost, while not exactly a "rule", please try searching the old threads and using the search feature (located here: Geckos Unlimited - Search Forums) BEFORE asking your questions!!! GU is a huge archive of gecko information and chances are that your answer is already there waiting for you to find it! This will help you get your answer faster and will keep us from having to answer the same questions over and over again. And, by actually doing some of your own research, you might actually learn some stuff that you didn't even know you were looking for!!!

Secondly, if you are having problems with another member or see someone breaking the rules, feel free to let one of the moderators know. The list of current moderators is at the bottom of this post.

~ Geckos Unlimited Rules of the Road ~

1. Insults, rude language, pornography, any sort of discrimination, defamation, encouragements to break laws, allusions to illegal drugs, child abuse,
any kind of explicit contents, discussions about politics (other than herp-related) and discussions about religion will not be tolerated.

2. Please make your posts as easy and pleasant to read as possible, even if English is not your native language. No SMS language please.

3. No sales or trades outside our classifieds section. This includes "wanted" inquires, as well as allusions to sales. The purpose of this is to keep the clutter down in the general forums. "For sale" classifieds require a small fee, but "wanted" ads are free.

4. No links or banners to other reptile forums are allowed. If you wish to link someone to information in a different reptile forum, please do so via PM or email.

5. No spam. Period!

6. Courtesy and politeness should be the rule. Aggressive attitudes or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Constructive debate is welcome and productive, but we expect them to be civil and respectful.

7. Sellers openly cheating other members will be banned. There has to be potent evidence brought to the moderators/administrators attention though.
We can in no way be held responsible of any mishap over sales.

8. Animals from the CITES I and II Appendix must always be sold with due papers. As a rule of thumb, every member agrees on respecting the international
laws about reptile trades, imports and sales, as well as local and national regulations.

9. Decisions from the moderators are NOT questionable.

10. When you open a new thread, be careful to post in the appropriate section of the forums. Do not post the same thread in multiple forums.

11. You may only have ONE personal account on Geckos Unlimited. Multiple accounts from the same person will lead to the banishment of all of the said accounts.

12. Don't give your password to anyone else. You are responsible of the contents of your own posts. If your account has been misused without your consent (i.e. hacking), please inform our team.

13. Good Seller/Bad Seller posts are not allowed. These posts are best left to sites like The Board of Inquiry which is designed to specifically handle such issues. You can find the BOI here: Board of Inquiry®

By signing in to Geckos Unlimited, you implicitly accept these rules. Failure to comply with these rules will lead to infractions from a simple warning to a permanent
ban according to the severity of the infraction. GU is a privately owned forum and membership here is a privilege, not a right.

~ Geckos Unlimited Staff ~

-Marty (username: Marty) = Fearless Leader/Owner/Admin
-Ethan (username Riverside Reptiles) = Admin
-Matjaz (username: = Mod
-Hilde (username: Hilde) = Admin
-Graham (username: Graham_s) = Mod
-Herve (username: thorrshamri) = Mod

Please help us help you by letting us know if you encounter problems or issues on the forums
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