Reptisand or vitasand?


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So I was going to get playsand for my frog eyed geckos but I can't seem to find it where I live and I went to a petstore and they had zoomed reptisand and zoomed vitasand and it said on the vitasand veternarian approved but I want to know if it's really safe to use.I heard calcisad is bad but zoomed don't make calcisand they make the two I just mentioned.Also it said that the sand has a natrual sphere shaped sand grians.


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substrate for you frog eyed gecko

I do not use any calcium based sand because since the frog eyed licks everything then they may become impacted. I'm not sure about the vitasand. It may help to get on a web site such as LLLreptile and ask them about the type of substrate to use. They do sell frog eyed gecko's and they can help you. I hope this has helped.


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Don't use either. Search "Natural Reptile Bedding" by Lugarti. Mix that 50/50 with play sand. Any hardware store should have washed play sand. You could also get it online if you really can't find any. If you're going to breed pack down four-six inches of the Natural Reptile Bedding as hard as you can on cool end of the tank and put a thin layer on the top of play sand.