Gecko Time: AFT Morph Guide


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Interesting job! I am sure it will be helpful to many AFt keepers on this forum.



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Question: I have one albino/amel female gecko and in the link I could read that this morph is fatal when combined with other morphs, so, does that apply for every other morph??? Even with the wild type or striped?? I will never be able to breed her if I don´t find a male albino???


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They breed successfully with the wild types. I'll wait for more experienced AFT breeders to weigh in on the rest.



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Thanks Aliza!! Well, I am not planning to breed her right now, I always wait at least a year before I try breeding new species (I like to make I have tome to get to know enough about them and that they are settled before mating), but I would like to know, because my male is striped, just like the one in the morph guide


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You can breed your albino to another albino or wild type (normal) gecko or het albino gecko. The Stripe doesn't matter you can breed either Stripe or Banded together. As for breeding Albinos into other morphs, I can't really say. The past thinking was it has been fatal but just recently another breeder successfully did it.. I have never personally tried.

Not sure if that helps at all but congrats on your Fat Tail :)


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The White sock is a genetic trait as well... missing from the list:(