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Riverside Reptiles

Administrator (HMFIC)
:biggrin: I am very happy to announce the addition of our newest member of the moderation team here on GU, Aimee Kenoyer (Aimless)!!! :biggrin:
She brings with her not just lots of gecko experience, but also a lot of other various herp experience as well. She's a professional research scientist and spends her days making small animals glow in the dark. She has a great sense of humor and plays well with others. Many of you already know her as she's been a helpful member of our GU community for some time now.
Please welcome her to her new position here and feel free to ask her for help as needed.

So, for those that are new around here, let me run down the current list of moderation staff here at GU these days:

-Marty (username: Marty) = Fearless Leader/Owner/Admin
-Ethan (username Riverside Reptiles) = Admin
-Matjaz (username: = Mod
-Hilde (username: Hilde) = Mod
-Graham (username: Graham_s) = Mod
-Herve (username: thorrshamri) = Mod
-Aimee (username: Aimless) = Mod

Please help us help you by letting us know if you encounter problems or issues on the forums


Super Moderator
thanks, guys! this is a really excellent community, and I hope to be able to continue to contribute.


Moderator/The French Viking Moderathorr
Welcome to the dark side of the Force Aimee :biggrin: the place where we plot against forum users...for their own good, of course :lol:


New member
I just got a chance to read this now, so congrats Aimee! :) GU made an excellent choice, and you are more than suited for the role. :)

And you are infinitely less sinister than Herve^, which is a nice balance in the mod world. ;)


New member
congragulations!!!!:cheer: I know you are very helpfull because you have anserwed like, all of my questions. I am so happy for you:biggrin:
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