injured wild geckos


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Hi all,

Sometimes my cat will catch the little wild geckos we have running around (he also gets skinks). It is not really possible to stop him, they are inside as well as outside and during Summer we have quite a lot. I always make him let them go if I catch him at it, but sometimes they are injured. I feel so sorry for them and don't know what to do. I usually put them in a quiet shady place to die in peace:(

I wonder if I should put them out of their misery so to speak. I have read the thread about freezing them, there seems to be divided opinions on this. Obviously taking them to the vet is not possible, what should I do? Stepping on them is not an option.


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Easiest thing to do is not let your cat outside. That will cut the number of wildlife that your cat hurts drastically.

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I think you guys missed that the OP said the geckos are outside and inside, and there are quite a lot of them. Yes, keeping cats inside is ideal, and that would help, though I do understand that sometimes that will drive some cats absolutely nuts. Decapitation would probably be the best way to kill them. It's not as messy as stomping on them.