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Few people PMed me about the shoutbox. I'm sure you guys noticed it at the top of the forum. The idea behind it is to give our forum a sense of real time interaction. We all know we can make a post, wait a bit and get replies. This is little different, because you can instantly interact with the forum members in real time. In addition it's not a chat like setup where if you have few people, only those see it. Whatever is typed in is visible to anyone that happens to be on forum home. I should add that the shoutbox is only visible to logged in members. Forum visitors don't even know it's there.

Think of the shoutbox like an area by the 'water cooler' where people are constantly coming in to get a drink and are chatting up for a bit and moving on. It's meant to make the forum a bit more cozy :blushing:

If you're chatting, you can also send PMs to other participants so if you want to make a gecko deal and you don't want to email each other, you can meet up at 8pm on the shoutbox and chat via privatly via PM.

Don't be afraid to use it. It's a fun and useful tool.

I just don't like the name "shout box" - any better suggestions ? "GU Chatter Box"? "The Water Cooler" ?

Elizabeth Freer

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How about "Geckophile Chatter" or "Geckophile Chatterbox" as the ShoutBox's name?

Have you an option NOT to display these type things on the feed on Shoutbox: *Elizabeth Freer has reached 2950 Likes Given!* [07:38 PM]?

To me it seems distracting. I just would like to see members posts back and forth.
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