my T. keyserlingii pair


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Here they are in action :lol:

Last year they produced 15 (!) nice young. I've incubated the eggs at constant 27.5-28*C and the majority of offspring turned out males.
The question is: is it possible to control the incubation process in Teratoscincus spp. to get more females and if yes - how do you do that?


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Hi kirak,
first of all, congrats for the nice couple and the great pictures!
i have a pair of teratoscincus, they bred once, the female laid 2 infertile eggs, 2 good (1 hatched, the other embryo was contaminated with parasites) and looks like she is getting huge again. Statistically irrelevant, but the little monster who hatched, incubated at an average of 27-28C, looks like a male as well (he is just 1.5 month old, still difficult to say).

To answer your question, i personally have no clue. it's a long shot, but i send you this link, maybe you manage to get in contact with the guy and maybe he has the answer...

Good luck,