Frog Eyed gecko anyone ? --- First timer need some help


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Hi guys .... to be honestly I have no experiences with frog eyed gecko before but I am got 3 of my leos for almost 2 years ... so here is my questions

1. Do you have any care sheet or captives information ... it really hard to find for me on internet only this that I found is some things like this

GGA Teratoscincus scincus ssp.

2. I heard that they are very hard to keep so what is the things that I need to beware of to keep my guys healthy strong and happy

3. is it okay if I just put all 5 of them together in 15 gallon tank with just sand for flooring + heat mat and some CLF light

4. Is it the same as leos ?

feel free to drop any comments for me and thanks you guys