Naultinus outside


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Hi @ all

My question is, I have my Naultinus outside and now it is really cold again in Europe.
Should I let the animals still out there?
On the day we have around 10-14°C (no problem) but at night we have short Time Temp
to 0-4°C possible. Is that a problem, or how you do it?
I hope the summer coming soon.........
This also applies for my Abronias.

Thank for a massage

regards Sandro


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In the wild, I believe they see temps near those, but you have to remember that they have the ability to move much more freely than in the enclosure you have. I would be careful, especially if the temperature is still near freezing.


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naultinus outside

hi mikew1234

thank you for you reply, but i hope the Temperatur not go to 0 Grad (freezing)


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It would depend on what species you have. Some of our Naultinus handle very cold temperatures but if you have N. elegans or N. grayii then I wouldnt advise on letting them get too cold as they come from the northern half of our north island where we only really get a few frosts.
Feel free to ask any more questions.