Updates on my Gonis <3


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I don't think I'll ever not be excited about these beauties. I just am so in love with the species. Here is the latest update on my gonis. We also have two hainanensis eggs incubating and two on the way from Ginseng, my little lady hainan. :3 everything going well so far!!

My araneus girl, Yunomi: (A male is on his way to our home some time this month, or early next month)
Chawan, my luii boy:
Gaiwan, (luii) who hated this photo shoot. I got just a few pictures (most of which were not very good) and put him back since he was pacing so much:
Tenmoku, my male hainanensis. His girlfriend is gravid atm, so we didn't take any pictures of her this time around:
That's all for now. One more araneus will be joining our family from Pin-Up Reptiles soon. Looking for a couple g. luii girls this season, hoping for some jungle/aberrant patterning to go with the two boys I have. I may just have to raise up three or four of some babies and hope for the best. :) Thanks for lookin'!


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Set up is pretty easy. They don't need any extra lighting/heat.
They like to be in the 75-78 degree F range but do well anywhere between 68-82. Humidity is a must. I get my crew up to 90% humidity in the evening and don't let it drop below 50%. They do need a humid cycle, though.
Paper towels, organic orchid bark, sphagnum peat mix are all great substrates. They are semi-arboreal, so provide some climbing furnishings. I keep my pairs (or trios if you have trios) in sweater-box sized tubs. Juvies get shoe box sized tubs. I hope those sizes translate well to you.


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Great looking animals and excellent pictures!! Hopefully one day I´ll be able to have a couple of gonis!!