New Baby Araneus... Mixed housing question


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Hello All!

I just finally got my first Goni - a unsexed baby Araneus. It's only a few months old and Im building a (hopefully) spectacular cave living Viv for it (pics to come!).

I was curious if anyone has housed any mixed Goni's together? Mainly Araneus and Orientalis/Luii. I am aware of the stigma associated with mixed housing and the size differences between the species. I do not have any immediate plans of mixing anytime soon. I was more so curious if anyone HAS seen them associate and what their reaction was. I would, of course, make sure there was PLENTY of room and this probably wont happen because I would rather move into breeding pairs. JUST A CURIOSITY!



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I wouldn't mix them, for two reasons. While general care requirements are pretty much the same across the board, the Kuroiwae (orientalis, splendens, kuroiwae, etc) and the members of the Luii group (Luii, araneus, etc) are significantly different sizes. The Kuriowae group are much smaller than those of the Luii group, and likely the larger animals would pick on the smaller ones. Technically luii are araneus could be housed together and care would be fine, but you would eventually run risk of them breeding (so second reason), and that isn't really a smart thing to do. Best kept species specific.