G. hainanensis hatchlings this year :)


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They're just so darned cute. All eating. My second clutch were a big lot. The first clutch was 1.4 grams each, and the second was 1.7 grams each. The first clutch only incubated for ~101 days and the second clutch incubated for 122 days.

Interesting!! hehe.

Also, "Brown Betty" hatched out with a bit of jungly pattern. That makes me super excited. So far we've had three hatchlings with knee-banding, only one of the four hatchlings has normal banding. (In case you're wondering, I name all my geckos and the theme is "tea".)

"Jasmine Pearl" First clutch. has some knee-cap banding:

"Puck" First Clutch, has some knee cap banding. This photo is pre-shed:

"Brown Betty" second clutch. Tons of jungle pattern! :)

The moment I found the second clutch. "Saucer" on left, "Brown Betty" on right. "Saucer" has some knee-banding:

Super excited about these guys. I have two more eggs incubating. I hope more have jungle patterning.
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Congratssss!!!! :drool: I would kill for a couple of theese little guys!! SOOO cute, I am really really jealous!! They are super gorgeous