!Helping your sick gecko: please read this first!

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When posting questions here please remember that if you fear that your gecko is sick, the best step to take is to get them to a vet who can visually and physically examine and diagnose your problem(s).

There is a wide variety of experience level of members on a forum like this and not all of the advice that you get is valid.

Please do not make the mistake of using this forum as an alternative to seeking proper medical treatment for your pet.

When asking questions about your geckos health, it's best to include as much information as possible in order to help us best determine what might be wrong with your animal.

please also include high-quality photos of your animal and its enclosure.


Describe the temperature in detail
1. basking spot
2. ambient
3. night
4. how and when you are measuring

1. how often you feed
2. what you feed
3. what supplements, how often, and how administered (including gutloading schedule)

substrate used:

lighting used:

humidity range:

how often misted:

how old is the gecko:

what gender:

how many geckos also in the enclosure, and what gender:

enclosure size:

symptoms (please add as much detail as possible):
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Thanks for getting this up. I hope it will help someone find a solution to a gecko issue when needed!
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