Cave vs Cat Gecko(Aeluroscalabotes vs Goniurosaurus)


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So this isn't really a thread asking which is better(who could answer that) but rather the differences between the two. Getting it out of the way, The Cat will generally be more expensive than the more common Cave, equal with an orientalis, and quite cheaper than the rarer Caves, so price is not so much an issue.

My query is: I have a nice male araneus (hopefully) lined up(waiting to see the photo as some araneus are seam more bold colored than others). I can't deny the Cat is beautiful, and I love that tail.
Anyway, from people that have had both, which do you prefer and why?
Which would you say are easier to keep(assuming captive bred as I will NOT buy WC unless LLLLLLLLLLLTC)?
I do prefer to interact with my geckos so one of the first questions I ask is handleability, as some Caves are placid while others aren't but Cat's seam pretty chill all around. Is that a fair statement?
Which are easier to breed?
Which are more arboreal(I know Cat's generally are pretty arboreal but do they need a "true" arboreal set up like a Crestie or Flying Gecko or are they more semi arboreal like the Caves, where they will utilize vert space when hunting but 12" height is fine)?

Summing up: How are they the same and how are they different and why do you prefer one over the other? :)


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I think that's a hard question to answer, we personaly don't keep any of both but they are both very cool and we would like to work with them in the future.
If we had to choose either one of them, then we would go for the cat. :)


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Hi, I have a male Cat gecko in a community tank with some baby hainanensis. Since they are both nocturnal I only see them at when I look at them with a flashlight at night. Personally I find the Cat's behavior much more interesting he likes to gracefully climb around the vines while the Hainan's just rummage around the leaf litter below. I am assuming that the Cat geckos are more delicate as they have a very high mortailty rate compared to the Cave geckos (wild caughts that is). Cat geckos are more placid tempermant wise than the Caves as they can be quite skittish. I live in Hong Kong therefore Caves are easy to come by so I would prefer to have to get another Cat which are next to impossible to find, so I guess this is not a balanced opinion as to which one I like more. Generally as genus I like the diversity of the Goniurasuarus more than the Cat eyes.