Hainanensis isn't eating


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i've got various reptiles from Hamm show.Including G.hainanensis, 2 fat tails,2 ciliatus.

The company in charge of the transport to France, was late and the reptiles stayed for more than 24 hours in the truck, so the heating source cooled down. Moreover , the man in charge of delivery, to cover the fact he was late, just drop the package in the letterbox, in winter.
My geckos temps fell down to 10 degrees. Now 3 of them are ok, eat well and move a lot. Whereas my ciliatus and the big female fat tail and ok, the cave gecko and one the of fat tail (supposed to be a big female, but the seller sent me a young male with not much fat) have stop eating.

The fat tail ate once, the cave gecko not at all, he stays under his hides even after 10pm and doesn't eat his red runners,mealworms,crickets or waxworms. I've tried various insects to make him eat. He has not loss any weight, but I'm a bit worried as for my fat tail who is not fat at all (but to thin, he as little fat).

Do you think the cold make them hibernate? or something else? The fat tail is at 32 celcius, the cave gecko around 26 with high hygrometry.

Thanks for reading my post.