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Howdy, this is what I posted on facebook so I'll just repost it. I apologize for the delay on calendars but the way I was taken down that slipped down on my priorities list fast. I'll get on those shortly. Here it is:

Thanks for all the get well wishes. I guess an update is in order. I'll try to keep it short. Until now everything was peachy, went very recently to British Columbia hiked with kids on my back, no problems, lots of fun, high elevations, amazing views etc. Fast forward and I'm for 2 weeks in cardiac unit. My heart got enlarged, thrown into afib rhythm, threw up a clot and caused me a stroke. A healthy 40 year old that doesn't drink, smoke, with perfect cholesterol levels, doesn't do anything ... maybe occasionally doesn't eat organic !!! LOL. Nevertheless, I couldn't be more lucky, the stroke screwed up my balance a bit, but otherwise I may make a full recovery. My heart since it hasn't been abused may go back to normal and if everything aligns properly I may not have any signs of anything in several months. For now I'm concentrating on recovery but appreciate all the concerned emails and messages and bulletin board posts. I just got released from the hospital so hopefully am on the way to recover a bit. This all has been pinned off to a virus that caused havoc in my system. For others it may cause sniffles, but for me that would be too easy, LOL

also as an update, due to the balance issue, internet usage really tires me out, so I'm trying to keep my online time down to what it used to be. Important is that they didn't take me out yet LOL, so I'm still here even though it can take me few months to get back to 'normal'.


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Holy schnikes, Batman. I didn't know about half of that. Hope you get back to your normal self soon. Get well, and take your time healing.


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Gosh, Marty! Take all the time you need to get yourself back on track, everything else can wait.
I hope recover fast, with no problems. :)

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/\ All of the above, Marty......

Hope your "tipsies" disappear for good. Wishing you "baby steps" till your recovery is complete.