Cork Round Planters


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Welp just realized I didnt post this on here so I'll post it now. I posted it a while back on another forum so hopefully you guys find it helpful too!I know it seems pretty straight forward on how to make a planter out of a cork round but Id like to contribute this tutorial anyways since I always get helpful hints or ideas from everyone here. You'll need cork round obviously, coping saw, hydroballs or as I used those little glass rounds from fake plant vases, some fiber glass screenage, scissors and hot glue.
Step 1: is taking your cork round and measuring the height of the planter you want.
Step 2: saw the cork round into two halves (be careful with this step because the cork can be brittle)
Step 3: cut out a piece of screen that will cover the entire bottom of the round
Step 4: use the hot glue to glue the screen to the bottom (I find it easier to just place the screen down and then glue over it, it helps avoid burns)
Step 5: once glue is cooled add in what ever drainage you're going to use (be sure if you use the glass rounds to let soak in a bleach and water mix for atleast 10 minutes then rinse with warm water very well)pot3.JPG
Step 6: now you're ready to transplant your plant from its old pot to its new pot (be sure to process your plant if it new before potting and placing in its new enclosure)
I hope you guys find this useful!


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Hey, this is pretty cool! I happen to have a few cork rounds lying around that my corn doesn't use anymore.

Y'know, I was searching all around the internet not too long ago for small planters like this, with the intention of putting small potted plants into a vivarium without doing an official planting substrate setup. This is definitely a cool alternative.

I think now I'll go look up some low-light plants to fit the bill. Thanks for the idea!

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Definitely very attractive! I love your idea, Rick!

I see you've mentioned "fiberglass screen". Your thread generated other ideas as well.

How about using a soldering iron to melt small holes in some plastic lid for drainage?

Scroll down for GeckoLeen's feedback.


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It's actually mesh screen so there's now issue with rust :biggrin: the same type as what we use to separate the substrate from the drainage layer. I just went with the screen as I know it works well to drain the substrate, as far as a plastic lid I didn't think of it really because you'd need an awful lot of holes for adequate drainage to avoid plant rot depending on how much you need to water.

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I do this for my cat gecko enclosures. They look great. If you use plastic, vinyl, stainless steel, or aluminum screen, you should have no issues with screen rust. Something made specifically for gardening with likely give you the longest lifespan. I've also made similar potting containers out of large pieces of bamboo.