Congratulations to Hilde!!!

Riverside Reptiles

Administrator (HMFIC)
Our wonderful moderator Hilde who has been with us many years...
IS DUE TO HAVE A BABY!!! :cheer:
oh, that's not the good news :coverlaugh:
No no no...she's been promoted from being a mod to being an Admin! :biggrin:
After years of hard work around here, she's had a well deserved promotion.
No, I'm not going anywhere, but now she has the powers to do stuff when I'm not around that used to just be my responsibility. Her hard work and dedication to these forums has been second to none. And we couldn't keep things going without her.
Thanks Hilde, and congrats on the promotion! :D


Staff member
Thanks, guys.
I appreciate the trust you put in me, and hopefully can help keep things going smoothly.

(Joining the ranks of the Red Names isn't the same as the Red Shirts, is it? :coverlaugh: )