2015 Calendar Photo contest

Riverside Reptiles

Administrator (HMFIC)
Just a heads up that sadly, this year we will NOT be having our yearly calendar photo contest. :cry: It's been a long time tradition that I know many of you look forward to each year.
Marty has some personal stuff going on and simply won't have time to do it.


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Hi to all at Riverside Reptiles. 'T'is a shame about the calendar ....and, as a newbie to the site, was quite excited when I saw 2015 calendar. This site is awesome, and I'm enjoying every nanosecond that I get to jump on. Thank you to all of the behind-the-scenes workers who tirelessly update and organise this wonderful opportunity. Cos that's what it is. An opportunity.... To chat, learn, share, celebrate, console, with other gecko-minded souls, all around the world!?!! On a personal note..... Marty, I hope this begin to morph into what you are seeking. One important thing I have learned is that YOU have to look after YOU.... cos nobody else is gonna care for yourself and your family like YOU. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL.


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Well wishes Marty's way!
At least this will give me time to get my light tent and camera later rather than right now. lol