My Aquariums


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Thought I would post some pictures of my aquariums.

I've had fish tanks off and on for going on ten years now. I started out with a ten gallon, then added a 29. I've had numerous Betta tanks. I now have a 36 gallon, 3.7 gallon Betta tank, and am working on a 5.5 gallon planted shrimp/nanofish tank.

Here is my 36 gallon. I have Panda Corydoras, Harlequin Rasboras, Platy's, Molly's, Nerite Snails, and an Apple Snail.
Planted with Java Fern, Riccia, Marimo Moss Balls (x2), and Anubias. Using a Satellite Planted + LED light. Running with a Fluval 306 canister filter and Eheim heater.

My 3.7 Betta tank. Planted with Java Fern and Riccia from my 36 gallon.

The 5.5 is a work in progress. Planning on Flourite Black Sand, driftwood and rock elements, with Java Fern, possibly Riccia, and Corckscrew Val. Not sure what type of shrimp or nanofish yet.

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Nice tank! :)

I currently keep 5 blind cave tetras with 4 white snails (think theyre either apple or mystery snails) on a standard US 25 gal..

Fishes are such a stress reliever