Lygodactylus williamsi - Some Facts Still Unanswered?


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Hi all,

I am new to the forums and haven't owned / bred geckos for a few (10+ years). In actuality I accidentally bred a kind of house gecko (forget details) and owned some day geckos.

Anyway, I have the 'itch' again for some unknown reason, and so am trying my hand at Lygodactylus williamsi. I like them for their size, personality, and colouring. I am obtaining my first pair this week and they come complete with a 12x12x18 Exo-Terra but no lighting.

I have spent several or more hours in total researching and reading the various care sheets etc.. A lot of good information out there as well as some unfortunate contradictory info. In any case I thought I could use this opportunity to go over several items that may appear random. I hope you can indulge me.

1. Lighting. The best I think I can do on the 12x12x18 is a hood that holds 2 bulbs and a dome lamp. That leaves one 3x3 square for ventilation as well as the front venting, etc.. I was thinking this setup:
-Exo-terra UVB 100 + Exo-terra Daylight bulb in the light hood (extra light)
-A 35 watt basking light, that may or may not need to be raised off of the ground.
These would be on a timer @ 12 hour days. I want as much light as possible as my basement is dark.

1a. Is there such a thing as too much UVB? According to exo-terras new light charts, the UVB150 would be better than the UVB 100.. but I don't want to overdo it!

1b. I was also considering using an exo-terra Sunray and be done with it. The 35 w should do well in theory? Exo Terra : Sunray Bulb / Metal Halide Bulb .. I know the cost is 200$ but having 3 bulbs and the fixtures almost reaches that when you consider the energy costs as well (? --- wild guess). It also looks 'clean'.

2. Heating. I am placing this in my basement which has temps reaching as low as 65f. That is why I am considering getting one of those 5-10 degree mats for under the terrarium which would turn on at night. That would keep the temp at the recommended 70-75 degrees overnight... (in theory!) This will also be on a timer to start when the lighting is turned off. Hmm may need a thermostat as well.

2b. I was also considering a space heater as the room is only 12'x12' ish. Thoughts if that is cost effective?

3. Winter cool down from breeding. I would like to know if anyone had any success in stopping copulation via change of daylight hours (apparently these don't change much in nature!!) or temperatures... or my own personal idea of having more females to exhaust the male?

4. Considering using a Zoo med reptimist system as I work odd hours (trying to automate everything as much as possible, although I am generally home every day). The silly device only sprays at 3, 6, 12, and 24 hours... what happened to 3 times a day? Anyway what are your thoughts on this?

4a. these systems want distilled water.. but generally this isn't ideal as drinking water? I was going to use this as my means of allowing them to drink...

5. How often do you clean their homes and what process do you follow -- haven't found anything on this... but it seems that they aren't particularly messy.

6. Any other words of wisdom?

Kind regards,


Super Moderator is the biggest issue.

that tank is small. very small. any of your available metal halides will cook your geckos. you will want a small, focused heat source like a heat mat or a low-watt (you can get 25 or 20) ceramic bulb.

IMO, if you're using a good UV bulb an additional daylight bulb is redundant.

too much UVB will fry the geckos' eyes. I think your exo terra UVB 100 should be fine for the geckos and the plants.

misting systems are convenient. I think twice a day is plenty and you may only want once. you'll have to watch the humidity and adjust accordingly. distilled water is good because it won't spot the glass :)

hmm..for cleanup mine were good about going in a small area, so spot-cleaning was a breeze.


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Thanks Aimless

With the heating / lighting I ended up with (in my 12x12x18 exoterra)

-50w daylight basking spot (placed 3 inches above)
-26w repti vision
-26w 5% uvb
-40 w night heat lamp (for night)
-Zoo med UTH for 10-20 gallon placed on side (doesn't do much except right at the surface)

Temperatures range:

-68-75 at the cool side during the day (depends on room temp.. usually 2-3 degrees farhenheit above room temp)
-95 at the hot side during the day, however the metal grate reaches in the low hundreds should they run across it...

I use a thermal gun to check temps. I plan on getting a larger enclosure for them in the future. I find it hard to battle against the room temps though so I am considering a space heater with thermostat for the room... that is expensive though as youre looking at 900w on probably half of the day (?) which is around 40$ per month... contrast to a 50w bulb which is $2...

Ironically I think winter temps will be warmer when the heating system is on