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I understand this is a 50/50 forum. As a personal choice I generally only read posts regarding rules, regs, etc from Marty and Thorrshamri (I respect all of you) due to their general ability to be unbiased and fair I did read one thing that caught my eye.

Decisions from the moderators are NOT questionable.

I am guessing there is a way to question or repeal a decision by a Mod? Unless this site is a Dictated by them. I unfortunately have lived under a Dictatorship. It was not a pleasent experience. I by no mean am compareing the forum to that but the statement rings loud and clear to many people.

So with the origin of the forum and its topic I have found all humans even with great intentions to be fallible those who have "Rights that Exceed others and those who have rights that can be taken away at a moments notice.

I am still concerned about this statement. Surely there is some type of process that leaves a Member the ability to check the "Authority" of a Member whose right exceed theirs.

I was simply curious about this because it is quite scary to be in the most insignificant position which in general has no bearing on your personal livlihood but is claiming divinity by a humans decision.

Most people I know on princible would be worried about having a profile and membership to a forum as such.

Back to the one month of the year I get less than four hours sleep a night. I do enjoy it though.



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one thing to consider is that pretty much every forum on the planet is a dictatorship, as are most FB or other social media pages. it sort of has to be that way.


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Real life is what really matters. Virtual life has to be taken as some kind of knowlege and entertainment source. I have seen so many people supposed to have enough wisdom and maturity overreacting and/or acting childishly when it comes to online games, websites, groups and forums.

Mods here don't have big heads because of their position. We are there to help and keep the forum running, period. Mods/admins here are all over 30-35 years old and both with a long gecko experience and some experience of life and people as well. We know such or such decision won't make everyone happy, we act how we feel for the general interest of the whole GU community.

Sadly, forum fights will always happen, here and on any forum. This is part of the human nature to play at who's right and who's not, meanwhile, we tend to forget there is just not ONE way of doing things. Think about scientists who disagree on such or such point and behave like kids, almost insulting their peers because they are sure to hold the ultimate truth.

Off topic but you will understand where I am going to in my reasoning. There used to be a medieval wargame on Facebook which doesn't exist any more. People playing it were between 20 yo and 50-60 yo. It was just a game, you know. Still, I have seen drama kings and queens, 50 yo players creating hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of FB fake profiles to reach higher levels faster, female players literally behaving like prostitutes to recruit other players (some were pathetic enough to strip through webcams against the viewers' allegeance to their own teams), all sorts of liars and cheaters. By doing such things, not only one loses one's common sense and dignity, but one also overreacts to what is supposed to be basically just a game and entertainment.

So, my message to you, and to everyone, is to take everything from the Internet with some distance. People in the gecko world have acquired foes and godlike statuses thanks to sitting in front of a keyboard while the haters or supporters never met them in real life. I created a forum in France in 2005 which turned out to grow big, and I had to laugh when I heard people saying I asked new female moderators to sleep with me and many more BS. That feeling of being "just a small, normal member without special powers" creates in some people the need to catch up with their lack of power on the forum with gossips and roles, so that they think they gain some importance.

When you think about real life joys and challenges, of its difficulty, I may be down-to-Earth though I am a complete nerd, but what happens over the Internet is really, or should really be, secondary and drama-free ;)

These are just my thoughts and advice, in no way a personal attack against you or anyone else. See, I have to write it, as it is so easy to misinterpret someone's words when you don't know that person well enough in real life.
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