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Having kept P grandis for a while I'm diversifying and next weekend 4 williamsi will be arriving - an adult male and 3 juveniles (hoping for a male and 2 females from the juves but I'd settle for 1 female!) :-D. Tanks are set up and running so I can be sure temps, humidity etc is right before they go in.

The male is going into a tank on his own - 12"x12"x18", he has a exo terra UVB 200 bulb (26w), a basking lamp on a dimmer stat, a night bulb and a fogger for humidity.

The 3 juves are going into a large faunarium and they currently have a 26w UVB 200 bulb, a basking spot with a dimmer stat, a night bulb and a fogger for humidity

The UVB200 bulbs are spare that I have from the P grandis - in the hood on their tank is a pair of UVB200's and a UVA bulb and it's never seemed to do them any harm - I've always been told that you can't have enough UVB for P grandis, their tank is heavily planted so there are plenty of places they can go to get away from the light - the 2 setups for the williamsi are also heavily planted

Question is - is a 26w UVB 200 too much for L williamsi - will the UVB200 do them any harm or should I buy a couple of 150's now?

Hope someone can help

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Elizabeth Freer

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Hi Nathan ~

Do you know how reliable those bulbs are? Have you found any online rating source?

Zoo Med's Reptisun UVB fluorescent tubes are excellent! That's what I use for my Phelsuma barbouri.

Last Spring I had poor experiences with Exo Terra's CHEs. One never worked; the second failed to put out sufficient heat.


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Thanks Elizabeth. Arcadia is what I've gone with - fortunately one of you suppliers had an insanely good deal on Arcadia Bulbs as part of their Black Friday event, so I'm stocked up for a while now :)