sub-adult/juvenile williamsi breeding question


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OK, so my 3 juveniles/sub-adults have been in the tank together for about 10 days now - all seem to be getting on fine, all eating well (in fact all the 3 of them seem to do is eat - they never stop eating! Doesn't matter what it is - small crickets, fruit flies, pangea etc it doesn't last long) according the breeder 2 of them were born in July and one in August so 5 and 4 mths respectively (I do question that though as they are already between 2.5-3" long which is not much smaller than the adult male that I have in a different tank) - none of them have started colouring up yet either. I've tried sexing them with a magnifying glass and can't see any obvious distinction yet

From what I've read I didn't think they became sexually mature until 7 months ish, and then I noticed 2 of them in this position earlier today..........:
williamsi 1.jpeg
williamsi 2.jpeg
williamsi 3.jpeg

Do I need to worry or should I just leave them to it? I can separate them if needs be - I have plenty of tanks, only thing stopping me is that I'm on holiday next week and don't have enough foggers to keep the humidity up in any more tanks atm - due to a fight between the P grandis they're separated and the spare fogger is in use for them (there's someone popping in to feed them every other day and check they're ok), so if I can avoid splitting them up for a fortnight or so from an environment point of view it will be better for them.....

Hope someone can help/advise


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It seems to me you should be able to separate them if you can get someone to come in every morning and mist them. All my rhacs and day geckos have been fine with that.



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if you don't separate then you run the risk of harming any female(s) in the tank. I would separate as soon as possible, even if you have to leave a few shallow dishes of water so the geckos will be able to drink.