Williamsi eggs


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How long can females be separated from males before the stop producing fertile eggs? I separated my williamsi about a month ago. All my females laid eggs, only 1 is currently housed with a male. I'm not positive when the eggs were laid, guessing about a week ago. All my females went from plump to skinny at the same time. Are the eggs in the tanks without a male duds?


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female reptiles can retain sperm through a season pretty readily, and sometimes up to a couple of years. I would assume all eggs to be fertile until they become putrid and rotten, assuming you're ready and able to handle the offspring? if not freeze the eggs. whatever happens, though, since your girls are likely to continue laying for at least awhile, make sure not to deprive them of layboxes.

oh, and if you get babies please post pics :) they're SO CUTE. and they can teleport, just sayin'.


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I picked up some florest tubes off eBay, how do I attach these so that they are removable? I can't seem to find clips the correct size.


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Use duct tape, or, better yet, Nashua tape which looks like duct tape in the roll but is essentially aluminum foil with a sticky backing (there's a peel-off layer before you stick it on).